Wearable Computing - Vorlesung im Wintersemester 2007/2008

Dr. Holger Kenn (Microsoft EMIC)
Hendrik Witt (TZI)

V 2 SWS Mo von 13:00 - 15:00 ECO5 1.51


Take-up Exams will take place on April 21st. Please contact me via e-mail for appointments. Holger

Information on the oral exams can be found below on this page

Unfortunately, both Hendrik and me caught a bad cold over the holiday season and we both cannot talk for long. Therefore, there will be no lecture on Monday, 7th of January.
Holger Kenn

On Monday, December 17th, there is no lecture taking place.

On December 10th, Prof. Thad Starner from Georgia Tech will be at TZI for Hendrik Witts Ph.D. Defense and he will give a surprise guest lecture in our course.

Information on the previous lecture (WS 05/06) can be found here

As Holger Kenn is no longer working at TZI but at Microsoft EMIC in Aachen, lecture-related appointments can only take place on Monday morning.

Die Vorlesung beginnt am Monday, 29.10.2005
The course starts on Monday, 29.10.2005

Oral Exam