Operating systems for autonomous Agents: CubeOS

cubeos homepage

CubeOS is the realtime operating system of the RoboCube. It's a multithreaded nanokernel with drivers for communication and robotic sensors and actuators.

CubeOS is used in several projects of the AI Lab including the RoboGuard and the RoboCup Player robots. 

  • Preemptive/cooperative multithreading
  • Thread create/suspend/resume/sleep/kill
  • IPC: Signals, Semaphores, Message queues
  • Data primitives: lists, buffers,...
  • Control primitives: Reactive control, PID control...
  • Sensor/Actuator abstraction
  • Drivers for I2C and SPI busses (Device primitives, nonblocking IO)
  • Driver for the M68332s TPU (Functions, Parameters, Interrupts)
  • Layered radio communication protocol
  • Realtime Clock

Here you can find the slides of a talk I gave about CubeOS in the VUB AI-Lab friday seminar.


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